Car Fender Flares

Have you ever thought of giving your ride a whole new vibe? With thousands of vehicles on the road today, it makes a lot of sense to enhance your car's look to set it apart from the rest. Adding different auto parts and accessories to your vehicle can help recreate that rugged appeal of many 4x4s and pickup trucks or that modified look of modern SUVs. You just have to choose which one will look best on its overall theme. Auto parts and accessories on the market come in different designs, styles, and colors, so you will have a wide variety of choices. Using a fender flare is one great way of jazzing up your car's side profile while making sure that the fender, wheel, and car body are fully protected from dust, flying stone chips, grime, salt, as well as other damaging elements on the road.

Fender flares are a great addition to your vehicle, as they complement that muscular engine with a tough and aggressive look. They can come in black satin finish, which looks great by itself, and can be easily painted to match the style of your ride. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can pick one that best suits your vehicle's sleek exterior.

If your vehicle has larger wheels or has a wider off-road suspension, it is important that you install a car fender flare to protect your vehicle's clear coat. With this fender add-on, you can go off-roading without worrying about your vehicle's paint job. This saves you money from repainting every time your vehicle's paint chips off because of mud, dirt, rocks, and road debris.

Fender flares are very flexible. They resist impact well in a wide range of temperatures. So even if you go driving on a hot summer day or chilly winter, the flares will never fade because of their UV protection. High-grade flares don't easily crack or warp and stay firmly attached to the fender through bumps or pavements. Generally, they are mounted inside the fender with screws and heavy-duty adhesive tape. No drilling or further modification is required. The adhesive tape protects the fenders from dings and rust by sealing out dirt, road salt, and moisture.

A fender flare is an effective way of giving your vehicle a sportier, more improved look, while protecting the fender, tire, and car body from harmful elements on the road. So if you want to install one, you can choose from a wide selection of top-grade fender add-ons offered at Parts Train. We have an extensive list of auto parts and accessories made by trusted and recognized brands that can provide the best answers to your auto parts needs.