There are various Nissan Juke fender designs in the auto parts market, and depending on the Nissan Juke model, the functionality of the car's fender can differ. If the auto is made for high speed, most likely, the car's fenders are curved for the car to become more aerodynamic. Broader and bulkier fenders are put on off-road-type vehicles keep at bay dirt, mud, and other road debris better.

Nissan Juke fenders are sheet metal components found on the vehicle's sides. Their main function is to safeguard the car from being battered by road debris. Fenders are not only practically valuable; custom-made fenders can certainly make a vehicle stand out from the rest. Fenders are manufactured from elements which are designed to fold during an accident increasing the survivability rate of the car's occupants. Find Parts Train online to get a most appropriate fender for your car.

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