Your Mercedes Benz E350 fender hides from view the undersides of your vehicle, keeping them safe from dirt and stone chips. Other fenders are even constructed to provide a more toned car frame and enhanced aerodynamics for most race cars. Other than the bumper kit, fenders also help absorb shock from a bump. Your fenders will likely show notches and chafes or damaged out of shape after a road mishap. Fenders may deform or have dints and scores all over in case of a bump. Pull out the impaired fender and add a flush-fit replacement to spiff up your vehicle and reduce the shock from a bump.

Fenders might be manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass, plastic, or steel- just make sure that they are a perfect match to your automobile when it comes to size, material, and design. Put money on fenders that are manufactured well and can be mounted easily. You do not have to think about the repair cost because many top-quality aftermarket parts are available at very low prices. For your own benefit, buy a brand-new fender that is bundled with a product warranty. Here at Parts Train, we provide you with a heavy-duty Mercedes Benz E350 fender made by top-rated brands such as Bushwacker, Prestige Fender, and Omix. We provide you with amazing choices for Internet shopping and the best discounts with our price match guarantee.