There are various Lexus Rx300 fender designs in the auto parts market, and depending on the Lexus Rx300 model, the purpose of the vehicle's fender can differ. If the vehicle is made for high speed, most of the time, the vehicle's fenders are rounded for the car to become more aerodynamic. If the auto specializes on the off-road, the fenders tend to be wider and extremely resilient to road debris.

Lexus Rx300 fenders are sheet metal assemblies found on the vehicle's sides. Their main function is to protect the auto from getting damaged by rocks, dirt, dust, and other road debris. Fenders also provide an aesthetic purpose; the fenders add an extra touch to the cars' appearance. Fenders are manufactured from elements which are designed to crumple during a collision increasing the survivability rate of the people inside a car. To have hard-wearing and stylish automobile fenders,just look for Parts Train.

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