Your Ford M-400 fender hides from view the undersides of your vehicle, protecting them from dirt and stone chips. New fenders can add to the rugged look of your automobile and even boost its aerodynamic features, specially when used on race cars. In case of accidents, auto body parts absorb some of the shock and deal with ruin. Your fenders will likely sport dents and scratches or bent out of shape in case of a road mishap. Fenders may deform or have dints and scratches practically everywhere in case of a slam. Recreate the brand-new vibe of your car and benefit from improved shock absorption by removing the stock fender that's been beaten to the pulp and mounting a new one.

Fenders are sold in various materials such as fiberglass, steel, and plastic-buy one that complements the style of your automobile and fits well. You can look for well-built fenders that you can mount with less trouble. Do not hesitate fixing your fender; many aftermarket parts are available at really low price ranges to fit your budget. For your own safety, buy an all-new fender that is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer. You can order a brand-new Ford M-400 fender at our store-we have the best range of parts from popular manufacturers in the industry such as Street Scene, Garage Pro, and KeyParts. Should you shop with us, you can save more dollars and enjoy a worry-free shopping experience.