Your Dodge Caliber fender conceals the underpinnings of your car, shielding them from dirt and debris. Other fenders are actually constructed to create a more toned vehicle profile and better aerodynamic qualities, which is true for many racing vehicles. Aside from the bumper kit, fenders also help minimize forces from a bump. Your fenders may sport notches and chafes or damaged out of shape during a vehicular accident. Fenders may deform or have chips and chafes all over because of a bump. Strip away the damaged fender and install a custom-fit OE replacement to jazz up your ride and absorb the shock from a collision.

Fenders might be made of tough fiberglass, plastic, or steel- just be sure that they're a great fit to your automobile with regard to dimensions, material, and structure. You can shop for precision-engineered fenders that you can slap on easily. Do not put off restoring your fender; many replacement units are offered at marked-down prices to match your budget. For your own benefit, look for a new fender that's actually backed by a product warranty. You can place an order for an all-new Dodge Caliber fender at our shop-we feature the best selection from highly recognized brands in the marketplace like Pacer, Action Crash Parts, and IAP. Should you shop with us, you can spend less cash and enjoy a worry-free buying experience.