Mostly dependent on the Daewoo model, the design and style of a Daewoo fender is shaped and adjusted by car manufacturers. If a car is made to rev up at high speeds, most likely, the car's fenders are curved for the car to become more aerodynamic. If the vehicle specializes on the off-road, its fenders can function better for it if they are wider and extremely resilient to road debris.

Daewoo fenders are sheet metal components found right near the wheels of the car. Road debris should always be fended off; fenders are built to to partly cover the wheels so that dirt, mud, etc won't be able to hinder the functionality of the car. They also serve an aesthetic purpose; fenders improves a car's overall look. When a driver encounters a minor car accident, the fenders can be quite handy; fenders are created to flex to lessen the impact brought about by a collission to an automobile. Look for Parts Train to get the fully-functional fender for your ride.

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