Mostly dependent on the Chevrolet Lumina model, the style and design of a Chevrolet Lumina fender is modified by car creators. If the vehicle is built for speed, often, the vehicle's fenders are rounded for the car to become more aerodynamic. If the vehicle specializes on the off-road, the fenders can function better for it if they are wider and extremely resilient to road debris.

The sides of the car feature the Chevrolet Lumina fenders. The fenders' main role is to safeguard cars from getting damaged by road debris being thrown away by the car's tires. They also serve an aesthetic purpose; the car's fenders improves a car's overall look. Fenders are made from compounds that are designed to crumple during a crash improving the survivability rate of the car's occupants. Search Parts Train on the web to get the perfect fender for your car.

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