Car Fenders

You use your vehicle to drive around the city and out of town. Whether you're a student who drives to school or a businessman embarking on a provincial business trip, you definitely encounter various road conditions. Your vehicle's wheels and tires require protection from whatever the road can throw at them. The fender fulfills this role by housing both the wheels and tires.

Located on the side portion of an automobile in front of the doors, this sheet metal assembly provides a number of benefits. Keeping dust, dirt, and various road debris away from the wheel and front brakes are the responsibility of fenders. A good number of these have tiny wings or flaps that add to this protective function. This sheet metal assembly also prevents debris from hitting other parts of the car, which is useful when your vehicle throws up a rock from the road. It also prevents the buildup of accumulated foreign debris on the wheel opening.

Some car fender designs are even designed to make a vehicle more aerodynamic. Most sports cars have sleek fenders for this purpose. Other designs even boast features such as grooves or grilles that help improve the car's performance at high speeds. On the other hand, these sheet metal assemblies cover the frame and sides of the engine block. Adding that extra bit of style gives your vehicle a distinguished look to separate it from the rest. A number of companies provide custom designs by adding details such as pinstriping. Not only do automobiles benefit from this part, but it can also be found on motorcycles, bikes, and other forms of wheeled transportation machines.

Depending on the brand and model of your vehicle, fenders can be constructed using steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or other materials. These modern materials are designed to crumple during a crash. By managing crash energy and directing it away from the passenger cabin, a vehicle's occupants are kept safe. Some of these parts can even be bent back into shape, while most will be replaced. Indeed, a large number of minor car accidents usually have the fender involved.

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