Keeping the engine cool is a strenuous role that can only be done when all cooling system components, from the radiator to the fan, are in top form. Your Toyota 4runner fan shroud secures the fan blades and helps make sure that air will flow straight into the radiator to blow away heat from the engine cooling fluid-overheating can be a big trouble with a torn shroud.

Air that enters the car grille may not be enough to help keep the engine block at ideal temperatures -that's why the radiator fan is turned on to get more air and keep the temp from climbing to off the charts. Your Toyota 4runner fan shroud helps optimize air flow by directing more air straight into the radiator. The broken shroud must be fixed to keep the utmost cooling performance of your automobile. Lucky for you, a good number of replacement shrouds are built using tough materials and specially for snug fit and excellent overall performance-they're even under a product warranty.

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