Your engine could not stand its own heat if it weren't for the cooling system.  The cooling system helps to eliminate about 1/3 of the engine's heat.  One of the most essential parts of the cooling system is the radiator fan.  The radiator fan is also known by many as the condenser fan or automotive fan.  It has three major parts to it: the fan blade, fan motor, and Scion fan shroud.  The fan motor powers the radiator fan and spins the fan blade.  The fan blade spins rapidly to create the air flow.  Your vehicle may have as few as four fan blades or as many as eleven.  The hood-like covering that protects the fan blades is called the fan shroud.  It encloses the fan and directs concentrated, cool air through the core.  It is made from a durable plastic.  The smallest crack in your fan shroud could cause your engine to overheat.