For your car's cooling system to operate well, the radiator, fan, and other components has to be in great form. Your Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser fan shroud keeps the fan blades and ensures that air will be streamed smoothly into the radiator to drive away heat from the cooling fluid-overheating can be a big issue with a torn shroud.

Air that goes into the grille may not be sufficient to help keep the engine cool-that's why the cooling fan is switched on to blow more air and keep the temperature from tipping beyond the acceptable range. Your Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser fan shroud helps boost flow of air by directing more air right into the radiator. Upgrade your broken shroud if you prefer your automobile to perform smoothly and keep really hot coolant from damaging other engine parts. You shouldn't shell out more money just so you can use a premium-grade shroud that is specially designed for your vehicle-to ensure your own safety and convenience, make sure you order one with a good warranty from the manufacturer.

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