Keeping the automotive engine running at an acceptable operating temperature is a tough task that can only be pulled off when all engine cooling parts, from the pressure cap to the cooling hose, are in great shape. Your Oldsmobile Alero fan shroud houses the fan blades and makes sure that air will be streamed straight into the radiator to drive away heat from coolant-overheating can be a huge problem with a broken shroud.

Air that enters the car grille may not be enough to help keep the engine bay at safe temperatures -that is why the fan is switched on to blow more air and prevent the temp from tipping dangerous levels. Your Oldsmobile Alero fan shroud helps optimize flow of air by pushing more air right into the radiator. Change your broken shroud if you prefer your vehicle to perform without a hitch and stop hot coolant from destroying other engine components. Fortunately, a good number of replacement units are constructed from tough materials and custom designed for great fit and superb overall performance-these are even under a warranty.

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