Keeping the engine running at an ideal temperature range is a difficult job that can only be done when all cooling system components, from the radiator to the fan, are in great shape. Your Chevrolet Metro fan shroud keeps the fan blades and makes sure that air will go straight into the radiator to drive away heat from the cooling fluid-overheating can be a serious trouble with a torn shroud.

If there is limited air flow from the car grill, the cooling fan is activated to blow more air into the engine chamber, making sure that the car will operate at an acceptable temperature level. Your Chevrolet Metro fan shroud helps boost flow of air by pushing more air towards the radiator. Change your busted shroud if you want your vehicle to perform without a hitch and prevent really hot coolant from ruining other units. You do not need to shell out more in order to get a top-of-the-line shroud that is specially designed for your vehicle-for your own safety, make sure you order one that has a good warranty from the manufacturer.

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