Keeping the car engine cool is a tough task that can only be pulled off if all cooling parts, from the water pump to the fan, are in great shape. Your Buick Electra fan shroud carries the fan blades and keeps the fan in the right position for dispelling heat, that's why when it gets damaged, your automotive engine might overheat easily, specially, under tough road environment.

Air that gets inside the grille may not be sufficient to help keep the engine block cool-that's why the cooling fan is activated to blow more air and stop the temp from climbing to off the charts. Your Buick Electra fan shroud helps maximize flow of air by directing more air towards the radiator. Upgrade your busted shroud if you really like your car to perform smoothly and prevent really hot coolant from ruining other engine parts. Lucky for you, numerous replacement units are made of tough materials and precision engineered for great fit and reliable functionality-they're even backed by a product warranty.

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