Does your engine overheats? There are lots of possible causes for this problem. Insufficient coolant supply or coolant leak are some of the probable factors. Coolant is the medium channeled inside the radiator, which is the main element of the cooling system. This substance however, is not just the possible reason for overheating. Some cooling system parts can also get damaged, leading to difficulty in the cooling operation. One of the frequently damaged parts of the cooling system is the radiator fan.

Radiator fans are very important for expelling excess heat from the engine. These can help the radiator especially under hot weather conditions. Hence, vehicles have at least one radiator fan in the cooling system otherwise, the engine may break down. A radiator fan is usually consists of the fan motor, fan blade, and fan shroud. Most fan motors are placed in front or behind the radiator. These are responsible for improving airflow across the radiator at low speeds or even at idle. Fan blades, on the other hand, are the propellers that drive in air. These blades are often seen behind the grille of a vehicle. This is because these components take advantage of the air inflow whenever the vehicle runs.

Working along with the fan motor and fan blades is the fan shroud. Fan shroud prevents recirculation of air driven in the engine bay. This is very important in keeping the warm air from being used again in the system. Hence, a damaged fan shroud will probably be a big problem. You should therefore have your Buick Century Fan shroud replaced at once whenever necessary.

Buick Century fan shroud usually comes as a plastic hood that encloses the fan. Its design is intended for directing air through the core, thereby, preventing warm air from coming back again. Aside from such significant function, fan shrouds are also crafted to protect the fan blades.

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