Car Fan Shrouds

To protect it from self-destruction, your car engine needs to be equipped with a cooling system. This system must eliminate about one-third of the heat generated in the engine. Some of this heat is used for heating the car's passenger cabin. It may sound strange, but it's true that as the air conditioner cools and dehumidifies air, it generates heat that must also be dispersed by the vehicle's cooling system. The principal components of the engine cooling system are the pressure cap, water pump, radiator, thermostat, hoses, fan, and fan shroud.

The cooling fan and the water pump are installed on the same shaft and both are driven by a belt that's connected to the engine. The job of the cooling fan is to circulate air through the radiator to discharge engine heat into the surrounding air. Electric cooling fans are more efficient and clutches allow the fans to operate only when needed. Aluminum fan shrouds are lighter than standard OEM shrouds. This basic component is often overlooked, but it plays a huge role in engine cooling and it secures the fan blades in place. Without the shroud, the fan blades could potentially damage other vital components in the engine bay.

Maintaining the cooling fans in tip-top shape should be one of your priorities. Other parts of the cooling system should also be maintained such as the fan motor, fan clutch, and car fan shroud. While it looks nothing but a simple part, the shroud is a key component in keeping engine temperature in check. It facilitates the radiator fan and effectively disperses heat released from the coolant. Increased cooling efficiency is one main benefit of the shroud.

The car fan shroud also helps concentrate cool air when it's pulled by the cooling fan through the radiator. To work well, the shroud needs to be mounted properly. The durability of the shroud can be determined by its vibration response to the road. Once you discover that the shroud isn't working well enough, or is already damaged, it's better to replace it right away to prevent further damage to the cooling system and the engine as well.

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