In the event that you've got an electrical cooling fan in your Lexus Is300, it's likely that your vehicle has a Lexus Is300 fan motor that manages the said component. The engine fan is developed to keep the engine temps at the right stage, however it isn't going to be successful in doing so with out the fan motor, the one that controls the fan.

Heat is a typical factor in your Lexus Is300 engine, which is created throughout combustion - although normal, this factor could damage the engine if it goes more than the ideal degree; therefore, it must be perfectly regulated. The control of engine temperature is a job given to the fan, however the part can only execute its function with the help of a fan motor. Fan motors function hand in hand with your vehicle motor, checking engine temperature and consequently controlling the fan in accordance with the given temperature - engaging and disengaging it. You may want to pertain to the said motors as the major controller of the fan; the temp of the engine tremendously relies on the performance of the engine fan plus motor, so they must always be in great condition. Or else, if the fan motor in your Lexus Is300 is defective, the engine fan would surely give up on you.

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