There are so many components in your cooling system. All these parts function to ensure that you are able to remove as much as a third of the heat produced by the continuous burning of fuel in your engine. This is crucial to make certain that your engine does not overheat and break down especially if you're a long way from help. One of the most important components that are crucial to the efficiency of your cooling system is the radiator fan.

The radiator fan is a rotating instrument that draws more air through the radiator. With its function, it is able to help in the faster and more efficient dispersion of heat and cooling of the engine. There is another fan in the vehicle aside from the radiator fan. There is also fan for the A/C condenser. The radiator fan is responsible for engine cooling, and the condenser fan is responsible for increasing air conditioning efficiency at idle and low speed. The radiator is connected to the engine and is located closer to the middle of the radiator.

Parts of the radiator fan are the fan clutch, which is to be credited for the thermal operation which makes the radiator fan more efficient and decrease fuel consumption, the propeller-like shaped fan blade that directly draws the air, and the plastic hood that prevents recirculation which is the fan shroud. If a car does not have an electric cooling fan on its radiator it will have a belt driven fan blade and fan clutch. An electric cooling fan is not belt driven rather it uses radiator fan motor. In the early years, belt driven mechanical fans were being used. Nowadays, it is still being used especially by light trucks and some cars. These fans employs temperature-sensitive fan clutch which engages and disengages the fan to the various working conditions.

In the 80's, electric radiator fans were introduced for sideways-installed engines and transmissions. This kind actually reduces the weight while increasing fuel economy. The radiator fan motor is the component that supplies the power to the fan whenever it is engaged. To ensure an effective and powerful fan motor, it should be energy efficient and durable. It is not easy to start a radiator fan especially if you need to motorize it with reduced power. It is important to ensure that your radiator fan motor is in good condition, bearing problems could cause fan blades to shift. The Kia Sportage Fan Motor we have in Parts Train is guaranteed to be of good quality.