If you have an electrical cooling fan in your Hyundai , it's likely that there's a Hyundai fan motor that controls the stated component. The fan is built to maintain the engine's temperature at the correct stage, but the said component isn't going to be able to do so without the fan motor, the part that controls the fan.

High temperature is a prevalent factor in your Hyundai engine, and this is developed throughout combustion - even though typical, the heat can damage the engine in case it rises more than the ideal amount; so, it should be effectively regulated. The electric engine fan engages and disengages to manage the temperature, and it's the fan motor which works behind the fan to ensure that its function is successful. Fan motors operate together with your vehicle motor, determining the temp of the engine and consequently controlling the fan in accordance with such temperature - turning it on and off. You can look at these parts as the primary regulator of the radiator fan; the hotness of the engine enormously hinges on the performance of the fan and motor, thus they should be in great condition. Every kind of problem on the fan motor in your Hyundai will make the radiator fan unproductive.

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