When you've got an electricity-powered cooling fan in your Eagle , chances are that your car has a Eagle fan motor that controls the said device. The fan is built to maintain the engine temp at the right level, but it will not be able to do so in the absence of the fan motor, the device that runs the fan.

Heat is a common variable in your Eagle engine, which is created during the power generation process - although common, this element might damage the car's powerplant in case it goes more than the correct degree; for that reason, it must be effectively controlled. Heat regulation is a chore allocated to the engine fan, but this component can only perform its purpose if supported by a fan motor. Fan motors operate hand in hand with the engine, checking the level of heat in the engine and then controlling the fan in accordance with that condition - turning it on and off. You might consider the said motors as the main regulator of the engine fan; the temperature of your car motor greatly depends on the functionality of the radiator fan plus motor, so they have to always be in great condition. Even just a minor damage on the fan motor in your Eagle can leave the radiator fan ineffective.

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