In the event that you have an electricity-powered engine fan in your Dodge Stratus, odds are that your vehicle has a Dodge Stratus fan motor that manages the mentioned device. The fan is developed to retain your car motor's temperature at the correct stage, though the mentioned component is not going to be successful in doing so without the fan motor, the one that controls the fan.

High temperature is a prevalent element in your Dodge Stratus engine, which is produced during the power generation process - even though common, this factor could destroy the engine if it goes more than the correct level; therefore, it has to be properly controlled. The electric cooling fan switches on and off to regulate the heat, and it is the fan motor which functions and supports the fan to ensure that its performance is efficient. Fan motors are electricity-operated components that control when the fan must function and the timing when it shouldn't, in accordance with the heat level in your car motor. You may want to refer to these parts as the main operator of the radiator fan; the temperature of the powerplant in your ride greatly relies on the performance of the fan and motor, which means that these parts should be in excellent form. Or else, should the fan motor in your Dodge Stratus is defective, the engine fan would surely fail while at work.

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