The electric-powered cooling fan which is mounted in your Dodge will not work perfectly without a high-performance Dodge fan motor to run the part. The radiator fan is designed to keep the engine's temp at the right amount, however the fan isn't going to be able to do so without the fan motor, the one that controls the fan.

While your Dodge motor works, it cranks out a high level of heat energy as a result of the excessive activity of different engine components which are operating together - the temp of the powerplant in your vehicle might get to a critical level and overheating might happen when this isn't properly regulated. The control of engine temperature is a job given to the radiator fan, but the part can only execute its purpose if backed by a fan motor. Fan motors operate together with your car powerplant, determining the amount of heat in the engine and then controlling the fan in accordance with the given temp - engaging and disengaging it. The mentioned components can be considered as the mind driving the cooling fan, and they should always be in great condition for the radiator fan to work well all the time and for the powerplant's temp to be at the proper degree. Otherwise, should the fan motor in your Dodge is broken, the engine fan would surely fail on you.

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