Fans are integral devices in places when ventilation is most needed. The purpose of a fan is not entirely confined on providing you with cool and fresh air. Fans are also used to regulate the flow of smoke when cooling away from the room or to drive away undesirable smell from one place, such as the comfort room. Whereas the widespread use of mechanical fans have created comfort, ventilation, and exhaust transport, their popularity have started to dim with the invention of electrical fans. As for automotive applications, fans are not only used for the passengers' comfort and convenience but also to give a great relief to the engine.

In the same way that you cannot work best under a very high temperature, so does the engine require a cooling system that could remove the excessive heat produced as a by-product of the internal combustion processes. The cooling fan is but one vital component that makes up the engine cooling system but its role in give you an overheat-free ride is so huge that it deserves your proper care and attention. The cooling fan is an electric fan that obtains power from the car battery with the help of the Cadillac Seville fan motor. The fan motor is the one that makes the cooling fan able to perform its task, which is to drive away the heat that accumulates in the engine compartment as a consequence of the fuel burning process.

The Cadillac Seville fan motor is not all there is to a cooling fan. The fan clutch is the one that engages or disengages the cooling fan. If the engine is at rest and cold, there is no need for the clutch to be engaged. The fan clutch is the one that controls the speed of the cooling fan once heat is noted in the engine compartment. The fan blades are the ones rotated to circulate fresh air through the radiator to help bring down the temperature of the coolants that have absorbed the heat of the metal engine parts. The fan shroud keeps circulated air from getting circulated again since there is no sense in using hot air to cool the coolants.

If you want to entirely avoid engine overheat incidences, you should attend to the repair and replacement needs of the Cadillac Seville fan motor. Your safety and convenience is on the line here, so better start looking for a replacement for a damaged fan motor. Visit Parts Train's website anytime of the day. We can help you.