If you've got an electricity-powered engine fan in your Cadillac , chances are that you have a Cadillac fan motor that operates the said component. The fan motor is the device which runs the cooling fan so as to guarantee that it is working properly always, offering the engine with its needed temperature as it runs.

Every time your Cadillac motor works, it generates a lot of heat due to the excessive movement of various engine components at work - the temperatures of the engine could get to a very high stage and over heating may result if this isn't competently controlled. Heat regulation is a job given to the radiator fan, however the part can only carry out its function with the help of a fan motor. Fan motors operate with your vehicle motor, determining engine temperature and subsequently operating the fan based on the given condition - connecting and disconnecting it. These motors can be considered as the brain driving the radiator fan, and each should always be in top shape for the fan to work well all the time and for the engine's heat level to remain at the correct degree. Otherwise, if the fan motor in your Cadillac gets damaged, the engine fan will surely die on you.

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