The electro-mechanical engine fan that's fitted in your Buick Reatta is not going to work well in the absence of a top-of-the-line Buick Reatta fan motor to run the part. The fan motor is the part which drives the cooling fan so as to be certain that it is working well always, providing the engine with its needed temperature as it operates.

While your Buick Reatta motor works, it cranks out too much heat because of the extreme activity of various engine devices at work - the temperature in the engine might hit an extreme level and over-heating may result in case this is not properly controlled. The control of engine temperature is a chore allocated to the engine fan, but it is only able to carry out its work by means of a fan motor. Fan motors operate hand in hand with your vehicle motor, checking the temp of the engine and consequently managing the fan in accordance with such condition - engaging and disengaging it. These motors may be regarded as as the brain operating the cooling fan, and each should always be in great condition for the radiator fan to execute its task with ease in all given circumstances and for the powerplant's temperature to stay at the correct degree. Or else, any time the fan motor in your Buick Reatta gets broken, the engine fan will absolutely give up while working.

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