In case you've got an electricity-powered radiator fan in your Audi , it's likely that your automobile has a Audi fan motor that operates the said component. The fan motor is the component that runs the fan in order to ensure that it's working perfectly at all times, supplying your car motor with its required cooling while it works.

As your Audi engine works, it generates too much heat due to the intense movement of numerous engine parts at work - the temperature in the powerplant in your vehicle could get to an extremely high stage and overheating may result when this isn't properly regulated. The electric cooling fan engages and disengages to regulate the temperature, and it is the fan motor which works behind the fan to guarantee that its operation is productive. Fan motors are electronic equipment that control when the fan should engage and when it must disengage, based on the temp in the engine. You can look at the said components as the primary controller of the engine fan; the temp of the powerplant in your vehicle enormously relies on the functionality of the radiator fan and motor, thus these parts have to remain in excellent shape. Every kind of problem on the fan motor in your Audi might leave the engine fan unproductive.

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