Car Fan Motors

The cooling fan motor is used in almost all vehicles to circulate air through the radiator, so cool air can help lower the engine temperature. The introduction of electric cooling fans and fan clutches has helped advanced automotive cooling fans to become more efficient, since they are active only when needed. The air conditioning system also benefits from the electric cooling fans. At speed, the fans remain inactive until the vehicle slows and idles.

There are two types of fan motors in a vehicle's cooling system. Automobiles in the past traditionally feature mechanical fans that are belt-driven, meaning the engine powers them. There are still some vehicles that still use this fan type. Today, mechanical fans now have a temperature-sensitive fan clutch that engages or disengages the fan, depending on the engine conditions. The introduction of the electric cooling fans was made to lessen the overall weight of the engine while improving fuel economy. For increased cooling capacity, some vehicles use multiple electric cooling fans.

The car fan motor causes the fan blades to spin to produce more air to pass through the radiator for maximum engine cooling. Normally, a fan has four blades and is located between the engine and radiator. The fan motor initiates the blades to turn and keeps them turning as long as the fan is activated. Switching on the fan only occurs when coolant temperature in the radiator reaches to about 195 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. If there's not enough power being produced to operate the fan, then it's time to get a replacement.

These fan motors are replaceable in your own garage if you have the know-how and skills. But if you can do it yourself, then you're going to save money. Depending on your needs, you may want to spring for a high-performance motor. Simply remove the fan assembly that's connected to the radiator. Detach the old motor from the fan blades, and install the new one. It's important to remove the positive terminal of the battery and move it away. If you only remove the negative terminal, you can harm yourself and your vehicle when it accidentally comes in contact with any metal; this causes the battery to become grounded.

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