The cooling system ensures that your engine does not overheat from the continuous burning of fuel. The cooling system is responsible for eliminating almost a third of the heat produced by the engine. Although some of this heat is used for the interior and other auto processes, the bulk will make the engine break down if not dispersed properly. There are so many components in the cooling system and though the radiator is considered the heart, the cooling system will not work as efficiently without the radiator fan.

The radiator fan is a rotating device connected to the engine. It is one of the most important components of the cooling system as it is responsible for drawing the air which helps disperse heat faster. It is composed of several parts that work altogether in doing its function. These are the fan blade, fan motor, fan shroud and the fan clutch. The fan blade is the propeller-like blade that directly draws in the air while the fan motor is responsible for powering up the radiator fan. The fan shroud is the plastic hood that prevents recirculation of air around the fan and protects the blades.

For a more efficient cooling system, the radiator fan is outfitted with a fan clutch which ensures the thermal operation of the radiator fan. It is the mechanism responsible that makes the radiator fan stops its rotation even while the engine is at work when it senses that there is no need for the fan. When the temperature rises to a very critical temperature a bimetal coil spring expands which causes the silicon oil to enter the fluid coupling before its starts the rotation of the fan. This spinning of the fans blade will draw more air and thus helping in the faster and more efficient cooling of the engine. When cool air passes through the radiator and the desired lower temperature is reached the bimetal coil spring contracts and the oil leaves the fluid coupling and the operation of the fan slows down because it is disengaged from the engine.

This ability of the radiator fan to stop even when the engine is running saves more engine power, produces less noise and results to fuel economy. Realizing the importance of the Kia Sportage Fan Clutch makes its care necessary. Signs that you have a failing fan clutch is when you are overheating even when the car is idle or in heavy traffic. Immediately replace your fan clutch. Get a Kia Sportage Fan Clutch from Parts Train where you are guaranteed tried and tested auto parts based from OEM specs at very affordable prices.