The main purpose of your Jeep Liberty fan clutch is to make sure that your cooling fan works. As a thermostatically controlled device, your stock fan clutch actuates cooling fan operations once predetermined engine operations temperature has been reached. This way, you can effectively protect your engine from overheating hassles as your cooling fan works to effectively remove unwanted or unused heat energy. By inducing air flow through your engine pressure points, timely cooling fan actuations for cooling fan applications helps sustain powerful engine operations with absolutely no fail. For preventive maintenance, you need to have the fan clutch critically overlooked with your regular car servicing schedules. While it lets you immediately determine fan clutch damage, timely repairs and adjustments could significantly extend the part's service life which therefore yields huge savings on maintenance costs.

Via thermostatic spring actuations, fan clutch operations are regulated by a valve that opens and closes when critical levels of engine temperature have been reached. To do that, the valve controls or regulates the flow of viscous silicone fluid through the designated channels of your fan clutch assembly. At cold temperature, the clutch disengages as fan motor operations so the cooling fan gradually reduces speed until it runs at a slower pace. High engine temperatures launch the silicone fluid through its designated chambers so the thermostatic spring will unwind and open the valve. This way, the fluid engages the clutch causing the fan to rotate faster so increased bulk of air will be sucked into the compartment.

While some fan clutch is operated via belt mechanisms, belt slippage could cause your cooling fan to be unresponsive to predetermined temperature settings. Cooling fan assemblies are mounted to a drive pulley via fan clutch which means clutch mechanisms could also limit the speed of fan operations which in a way saves fuel or energy. The necessity of seamless clutch mechanisms to maintaining engine cooling system precision best explains why the part needs immediate attention at the first sign of failure. While direct-fit and OEM quality fan clutch replacements are conveniently available for your Jeep Liberty's application specifications, finding cost effective and practical solutions to getting back your cooling fan's great valued service has never been easier and more convenient.

Factory Jeep Liberty fan clutch are generally reliable and could actually last the life efficiency of your engine. However, exposure to elements that normally promotes damage and wear among engine components could make it suffer from accelerated wear. Putting up with the use of worn and damaged fan clutch will only promote more serious damages to your engine fan assembly. Once you notice that your ac system fails to release cool air, this only means that your factory fan clutch is already brewing damage to your fan assembly. Check out Parts Train to immediately correct fan assembly damage with equally dependable Jeep Liberty fan clutch replacements. As a trusted source of great valued Jeep Liberty parts, you can rely on our site to cover your immediate replacement needs with premium auto-part deals.