The motor of your Geo runs different parts, and it requires a great volume of power; it pulls through by conserving the most power that it could. One certain means of power saving in your vehicle is the fan clutch, an auto part that controls the on and off function of the radiator fan - the Geo fan clutch does a very important job in your auto.

Engaging the radiator fan when the engine is too hot, and turning it off once the heat level goes back to the correct degree - this is the routine about which the task of fan clutches center on. Your car clutch helps your Geo engine to operate only when required, thus the latter doesn't have to burn up much of its power. The powerplant of your vehicle will not need to function way over the limit and the horsepower which the said component makes can further be utilized in powering additional important devices. Just be certain that you maintain the fan clutch of your Geo working properly to avoid heat-related troubles - over heating could easily happen if the said component fails. When you notice what ever indication of problem with the fan clutch, be sure that you deal with the problem immediately.

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