The powerplant of your Dodge W300 runs a large selection of components, and the said unit requires an extreme quantity of energy; the engine survives by conserving as much power as it can. One tool employed for power saving in your vehicle is the fan clutch, an auto part that controls the on and off function of the radiator fan - the Dodge W300 fan clutch performs a very important function in your auto.

Engaging the fan when the engine is extremely hot, and disengaging it as soon as the temp range goes back to normal - this is the process about which the operation of fan clutches revolve. Simple though the said task could be, it saves a lot of energy because your Dodge W300 engine doesn't have to constantly operate the fan. The energy which your vehicle motor yields can now be put to better use; additionally, it doesn't function as intensively and doesn't get worn-out quickly. Just be certain that you continue to keep the fan clutch of your Dodge W300 in good shape to avoid heat dilemmas - overheating might easily occur when the part gets busted. Don't fail to upgrade the fan clutch as soon as it malfunctions or fails.

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