The motor of your Dodge Stratus operates a large selection of parts, and this requires an extreme amount of energy; it endures by saving the most power that it is capable of conserving. Out of the various power-saving devices in your vehicle, one of the most significant is the fan clutch - by operating the cooling fan, the Dodge Stratus fan clutch is able to help the engine preserve the power that it produces.

Engaging the radiator fan every time the engine gets scorchingly warm, and disengaging it once the temp range comes back to the correct degree - it is the procedure about which the operation of fan clutches focus on. Simple as the said operation might be, this saves a good deal of energy because your Dodge Stratus motor does not need to consistently run the radiator fan. The horsepower and torque that the powerplant of your ride produces can now be put to better use; additionally, the part won't need to operate as intensively and doesn't wear quickly. To ensure efficient engine operation and prevent problems like over-heating, ensure that you maintain the fan clutch of your Dodge Stratus in excellent form. Do not ever neglect to upgrade the fan clutch when it malfunctions or fails.

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