Car Fan Clutchs

Usually installed in a vehicle's cooling system, the fan clutch partially disengages the cooling fan when operating temperatures are within normal limits. This part can be found normally in front of the water pump, and is powered by a belt and pulley connected to the crankshaft. This arrangement helps the engine because it doesn't need to drive the fan all the time.

When temperatures soar higher than the fan clutchs settings, the radiator fan will be fully engaged in an attempt to lower the engine temperature. You'll discover that there are two types of fan clutches - thermal and non-thermal. Thermal fan clutches have a temperature-sensitive bimetal coil spring that reacts to changes in temperature, while the non-thermal fan clutches reacts only to speed, slipping to hold maximum fan speed to around 1200 to 2,200 RPM, depending on the application.

If you have a faulty car fan clutch, it can also affect your vehicle's air conditioning system. Because the radiator fan is also responsible for cooling the air conditioner's condenser-this is placed directly in front of the radiator. On the other hand, a faulty fan clutch will draw air at a high rate. During colder weather, there won't be sufficient hot air delivered by the heating system. Instead, the system will blow out lukewarm air. Because the fan clutch is drawing air all the time, it draws power from the engine and decreases fuel economy.

When you find that your engine temperature rises each time you're stuck in traffic but goes back to normal while you're driving on the highway, then it's probably time to swap out the old car fan clutch. Unless you're an experienced gear head, leave it to a professional mechanic to replace the fan clutch. If you're doing the replacement, make sure you place a new thermostat and flush out the old coolant. Do note that while you can upgrade from a non-thermal fan clutch to a thermal one, you can't do the reverse. Another option is to ditch the old fan clutch and opt for an electric fan kit.

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