It is important for the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle to know as much information about your vehicle and its different components. One of these is the cooling system which is important because it keeps the engine from overheating. It is also responsible for allowing the engine to heat as quickly as possible and to keep the engine at a constant temperature. In order to do this, there are several components that work together. It is believed that the radiator is the heart of the cooling system but we also have to remember that without the coolant then the cooling system will not be effective. The coolant absorbs the heat from the engine while the radiator dissipates the heat.

A vehicle has several fans including the one for the a/c condenser and the electric fan. The radiator fan is responsible for engine cooling, and the condenser fan is responsible for increasing air conditioning efficiency at idle and low speed. The radiator fan is an important component that is necessary for the efficiency of the cooling system. It is a rotating apparatus designed to convey air through the radiator aiding in its function of dispersing heat. The timing belts connect the radiator fan to the engine. Every now and then it would stop rotating even when the engine is continuously running.

The radiator fan is composed of the fan motor, fan shroud, fan clutch and the fan blade. The fan motor powers the radiator fan while the fan shroud protects the fan blades. The fan clutch is the mechanism that allows the radiator fan to be thermally operated. The fan blades refer to the propeller-like protrusion from the central hub. These fan blades are the components directly responsible for drawing in the air. The shape of the blades allows them to draw as much air as possible. Different types, makes and models of vehicle have different automotive fans and fan blade configurations. There are vehicles with four-blade fans while others have as much as eleven blades.

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