For your vehicle to operate without a hitch, the engine has to have enough airflow via the Isuzu fan blade. If there's not enough air flow inside the engine block, the cooling fan is turned on—the fan blade of your Isuzu then blows more air to the engine compartment. The cooling system fan surely won't be able to disperse excess heat if those blades are cracked.

If the fan blade of your Isuzu is damaged, the hood won't be sufficiently cooled, especially when your vehicle isn't moving and/or is getting a lot of heat from the surroundings. The blades might get corroded or get ruined when in contact with harsh oil, heat, and other types of unwanted elements. For your own peace of mind, use a brand-new Isuzu fan blade that is guaranteed to be a snug fit. You may expect improved performance if the fan blade is made of heavy-duty raw materials to ensure resistance againt wear and is complete with the needed specs to fit the requirements of your car cooling parts.

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