Car Fan Blades

An automotive expert once said that the efficiency of a vehicle's engine cooling system can be credited to the radiator, radiator fan, and coolant. The coolant that passes through the engine block is heated. It then passes through the radiator in order to cool down, after which it goes back to the engine. To keep the radiator's temperature from soaring too high, the radiator fan is responsible for keeping it cool. In order for the radiator fan to do its job, each fan blade must be in tip-top shape.

The radiator fan, also known as the condenser fan, is a rotating device whose primary function is to draw air through the radiator. This aids the radiator in dissipating heat buildup. All vehicles have at least one fan that's usually mounted behind the radiator. The fan blades should be able to withstand the heat inside the engine bay. Aside from the primary fan, some vehicles have additional fans that help cool not only the radiator but also the A/C condenser and other engine components. There are also high performance radiator fans that can move more air into the radiator, while requiring less horsepower to operate.

Automotive fans are made up of different parts. These components include the fan motor, fan belt, fan clutch, and fan shrouds. Depending on the fan design, the car fan blade number varies. When your vehicle isn't moving fast enough and it's hot, a small amount of cool air reaches the radiator. These blades are responsible for drawing the air needed by the radiator. Each blade is projected at an angle from the central hub. Curved like a propeller, they can channel significant amounts of air easily.

Different vehicles have different configurations for their fan blades. Some have four-bladed fans, while there are those that boast as much as eleven blades. To withstand the harsh conditions, these blades are made of high-grade plastic. Don't underestimate their appearance; these blades are important for the fan to work. If you find any cracks on them, it's best to have them replaced as soon as you can. No driver would want to end up with an overheating engine out in the middle of the road. You can easily avoid this by paying attention to the condition of the blades.

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