Car Exhaust Systems

A foul smell as you drive, black smoke exiting your exhaust tail pipe, banging noise underneath your car carriage—all of these are symptoms of a damaged exhaust system. If you notice any of these in your vehicle, see to it that you conduct a thorough exhaust inspection. Doing that is easy as long as you have a proper jack stand to support your car as you prop it up. So what should you look for? The first thing you should check is the sign of damage in any of the exhaust pipes—the catalytic converter, muffler, and all other pipes that connect major components in your exhaust system. Look for indications of rusting, holes, and other irregularities that might be causing exhaust gases to leak out before they reach the tail pipe. Another thing that can cause exhaust leaks is seal damage, and this can bring about pollution and possible harm to you and your passengers. Therefore, it is another thing that you should watch out for. In the same way, look for any damaged clamp or bracket that might compromise the mounting of the primary exhaust parts.

If you notice any of the mentioned symptoms above, be sure to replace the affected component in order to restore the exhaust system in tiptop condition. Doing this will not only reduce possibilities of pollution and health hazard. Given that you choose the right component, you can also enjoy additional horsepower in your ride, added roar and ruggedness in your drive, as well as improved fuel economy. So how do you pick the right exhaust part? Well, for one, be sure you go for pipes made from heavy-duty materials, those that won't easily succumb to damage. Choose pipes with bigger diameter to ensure fast flow of gases. You can even add specialized pipes such as X-pipes and Y-pipes to improve the flow of exhaust in your system. Pick headers with a good design for excellent exhaust scavenging, and go for catalytic converters with advanced catalysts for treating toxic exhaust fumes. With all these parts in your car's exhaust system, you're sure to get a wide range of benefits in your ride.

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