Car Exhaust Pipes

Not all of the air and fuel mixture that gets inside your engine are burned and used to produce power. Your vehicle needs to have a way to get rid of those unburned gases and other byproducts of combustion that might be harmful or of no use to your vehicle. That's what the exhaust system is made for. This system takes the exhaust gases out of the engine, through the exhaust manifold; these gases eventually emitted in the vehicle's rear via the exhaust pipe, which is also known as the tail pipe. The more efficient your exhaust system is, the easier it is for the engine to breathe. This translates to increased horsepower and torque and a more fun-to-drive automobile. But the problem is, not all exhaust systems are designed in such a way that they ensure the best possible exhaust flow. Most of the time, there are restrictions in the system that hinder or slow down the continuous flow of spent gases from the engine down to the tailpipe. Poorly bent pipes, which lead to power-robbing restrictions, are one of them. To cut corners, some vehicle manufactures employ a substandard bending process called press or crush bending. While this is favorable for them, it causes substantial restrictions in the functions of the exhaust pipe by merely reducing its diameter.

If you're looking to improve your exhaust system's performance by replacing the tail pipe, it's important that you know the diameter size that's right for your ride. You see, a tail pipe with incorrect size leads only to two things—backpressure and excessive engine heat. Both are a big no for you and your ride, right? So before you go online to search for a new pipe, make sure you know the tail pipe diameter that will work best for your ride. You can do that by determining the size of the engine and the amount of horsepower it's capable of producing. Find out the correct exhaust pipe diameter for your ride by checking out a general pipe sizing guide. Yes it may sound like a tedious task, but it will help you a lot in achieving the horsepower and torque boost you've always wanted for your ride.

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