Pontiac Exhaust Manifold

Your Pontiac exhaust manifold works its way to attain a quiet ride while carefully complying to its designated task. As the car starts up and the engine begins working out, several varied kinds of gases are produced. The fuel which gives life to the vehicle's activity is then burned by the components of the engine. While this process goes on, the gases which include hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, and other gaseous elements are formed. Undoubtedly, these gases when inhaled by any living being apparently cause much damage to the health. Air makes us breathe. This is one of the most important elements that keep all living things alive and active. But when these harmful gases as produced by the vehicles come into the scene, one's existence is hence threatened.
Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the automakers to secure the vehicles that they make with a capable exhaust system. Vehicle exhaust systems do the job of cleaning up, filtering, and converting the harmful gases into useful and safe materials. Every Pontiac vehicle's exhaust system is able to convert these harmful gases into safer components that will not produce harmful results to all air-dependent beings.
Pontiac exhaust system is made up of several pipes and tubes that connect from the engine down to the Pontiac exhaust manifold and then to the tail pipe. The exhaust manifold is one part comprising the exhaust system. Like any other vehicle, Pontiac exhaust manifold is like a network of tubes which is situated at the exit passage of each of the cylinders. It is the exhaust manifold's entire task to collect all exhaust gases into one and direct them into one pathway, and that is towards the tailpipe.
Pontiac exhaust manifold may come in cast or nodular iron form. It is to be clearly understood that the number of cylinders wherein the fuel as it is burned passes through determines the number of the exhaust manifolds in a particular vehicle. From the Pontiac exhaust manifold, the collected gases are relayed towards the catalytic converter which then transforms the harmful gases into less risky biological products. Now that you know how your car's exhaust system functions, perhaps you will learn more to appreciate your every Pontiac exhaust manifold.

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