With the numerous vehicle makes and models in the market today, finding the perfect automobile that will suit your personal preferences and personality would be very easy. One of the brands that you can take into considerations as your option would be the Plymouth, an American car marque that was established in the late 1920s. It was sold exclusively in American market by the Chrysler Corporation. Plymouth was responsible for the introduction of some of the automobile industry's outstanding models such as the Prowler and PT Cruiser. However, when 2001 came, Plymouth products were dropped from the DaimlerChrysler's official car model lineup. Nevertheless, Plymouth vehicle were noted for excellent quality and innovativeness at a fairly affordable cost.

Considering that you are among the lucky owners of a Plymouth automobile, taking good of it is a must. You should be able to maintain its showroom and good running condition, or even improve them if you can. You must regularly check and conduct periodic maintenance of the different components making up your vehicle. One of the components that should take good care of is the exhaust manifold. As an exhaust system component, exhaust manifolds like the Plymouth exhaust manifold help in moving the exhaust waste products (gases) produced by the engine during the combustion process, out to the tailpipe. Most vehicles nowadays feature in their exhaust system a pair of exhaust manifold for better engine waste disposal.

Moreover, exhaust manifolds basically lead engine gases from each of the exhaust ports on the cylinder head into a single pipe that is directed to a catalytic converter for the conversion wastes into less harmful ones. They are typically made of cat-iron materials for durability and reliability. Vehicles using V6, V8 and V10 powerplants display a pair of exhaust manifold, one on each side. On other hand, if you want to upgrade your vehicle's performance and capabilities then you can replace the exhaust manifold with a header, a high performance exhaust manifold that is usually made if steel or lighter-weight aluminum. Headers enable the exhaust waste freely, thereby improving the engine's performance.

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