Internal combustion is a very essential part in making a vehicle run. When the fuel supplied to the engine gets burned up it supplies power to the different parts of the vehicle. So the capacity of your car to deliver the expected performance also depends very much on its combustion capability. An important system that works hand in hand with the vehicle's engine is the exhaust system. Many may wonder why this is so. Well, it's because the exhaust system serves as the passage of the used up gases from the engine out to the open air. Without this channel, the gases will not be able to escape and will for sure affect your ride.

So basically the exhaust system helps eliminate the waste gases from the engine and another thing it does is to reduce the sound coming from the engine. In order to accomplish these tasks, the exhaust is composed of various pipes and one of them is called the exhaust manifold. The term manifold is a combination of "many" and "fold" — an Anglo-Saxon word that indicates the convergence of many inputs and outputs.

This component is typically made of tubular steel or cast iron. In car manufacturing, they usually mount this to the exhaust portion of the cylinder head with an exhaust manifold gasket attached to seal it securely. The number of exhaust manifold installed in a vehicle usually depends on the engine design. For example if the engine cylinder is in the V configuration you'll find two separate manifolds but if its an inline arrangement there's only one manifold present.

The exhaust manifold that goes with the car upon purchase is also made of quality materials. However there are times when the manufacturer tries to lower production cost by cutting back on the use of metal. Design restriction is also being done so that the outcome will be a not-so-bulky manifold thereby occupy less space when installed in the vehicle. So you'll probably understand if it will become deficient sooner than you expect. Regular inspection is very important because not all damage to the exhaust manifold will be that visible nor will it give much sign in the performance. Driving with a damaged exhaust manifold will not do any good to your security because your car might just stall while driving in the middle of nowhere.

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