Upon hearing the name Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. the first things that come to your mind would be extremely bold designs, innovative style, and inspiring performance. Nissan is a an automobile maker that hailed from the Land of the Rising Sun. This Japanese car maker sets out on every piece of vehicle it produce exemplary standard on quality, reliability and artistry. Nissan automobiles are being reinforced and enhanced by different Nissan parts and accessories, and here at Parts Train, we got all your automotive needs especially when it comes to your Nissan vehicles.

A vehicle is composed of several systems and each one performs a specific function in order for a vehicle to work properly. Among the systems that make up a vehicle are the brake system which can be considered as the one of the most important in preventing untoward incidents especially when driving at high speed; the cooling system for the purpose of removing the engine's excess heat and keeps the engine performance in perfect condition; the electrical system to power up the vehicle itself and its electrical parts; the engine system which is responsible in giving life to the vehicle; the air conditioning and heating system that gives comfort depending on the temperature outside; the body and exterior that forms the skeletal framework of a vehicle; the fuel system that mixes up fuel and air for the car's engine; the steering and suspension system that suspends the vehicle's "sprung" weight by using the front and rear springs; and the drivetrain that transmits power from the engine to the drive wheels and varies the amount of torque.

A vehicle's exhaust system is the one responsible for making a way on how to take out the combusted chemicals from your vehicle, and turns the harmful emissions into less harmful one. One essential exhaust system part is the exhaust manifold which is being attached to the cylinder head and takes each cylinder exhaust and combines it into one pipe. For quality exhaust manifolds such as the Nissan exhaust manifold, get it from us — get it from the parts Train.