All vehicles are comprised of various parts that have their own functions to perform. There are the engine, brakes, drive train and the exhaust systems. Even though they have different task to perform, they still function as a whole and towards the good performance of the vehicle. If none of these parts are deficient then the car owner will always be assured of excellent drivability and handling.

Among these parts the one responsible for managing the used up gases from the engine is the exhaust system. The exhaust is composed of several components that work together in effectively expelling the used up gases from the combustion engine out to the open air. Aside from the function of removing the gases, the exhaust system also helps diminish the sound created by the engine during the combustion process. Pipes comprise most of this system since it is where the gases pass through during expulsion.

One of the main parts of the exhaust system is the manifold, a term that interchangeably used with header. In simple words, the exhaust manifold is a structure that has been developed in order to bring together the used up gases from the various cylinders and urge them to pour into a single pipe. The manifold installed in cars usually tubular steel or cast iron and is mounted on the exhaust side of the cylinder head. A gasket is used on the connecting point of the manifold and cylinder head in order to seal the joint effectively.

Most of the exhaust manifold that goes with the car at purchase is not usually made of premium materials. The case usually happens that the manufacturer use less amount of metal in order to lower the cost of production and the same time so that the product will not take up too much space when installed in the vehicle. Due to this, the factory manifolds do not usually last long in use. One of the indicators that there's something wrong with you exhaust manifold is the ticking sound when you accelerate. However this indicator is not that reliable so it is still best to have a regular checking of the parts. Proper maintenance will likewise be a big help in preventing cracks and other forms of damage to the manifold.

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