Your Mercury Cougar must have a powerful exhaust system part to aid in the quick and prompt release of exhaust gases from the engine. An effective exhaust manifold directs lethal fumes away from the automobile's engine right after the combustion process. The combustion by-products are delivered into a group of tubular manifold pipes by the pistons. For swifter expulsion, the exhaust fumes will be gathered into a large main pipe first well before being released.

Nearly all exhaust manifolds for Mercury Cougar are typically made using cast iron coating or engineered from stainless steel metal. To withstand the high temperature range of the exhaust gases, this part is specifically created to be remarkably resistant to heat. If the exhaust manifold is plagued with leaks, exhaust gases can enter the car's interior. Remember to have the pipes regularly checked to help prevent exhaust leaks which could be severely hazardous when inhaled.

The coating of the Mercury Cougar exhaust manifold can rust easily specifically in a salty surrounding. Never let the rust destroy the pipes to prevent the gases from entering the passenger cabin. Call Parts Train and purchase a replacement today. Affordable exhaust manifold brands, like Dansk, Omix, and Benchmark are readily available in our online store.