The burning up process or combustion is a very important aspect in a car's mechanism. If it is not allowed to take place, nothing will happen to your vehicle since it is the source of power supply for the whole vehicle. But after the combustion, there is always the exhaust gases that have to be properly disposed of. Without a means of escape the exhaust gases will just remain inside the engine, which is definitely not good as it will seriously impair the function of the engine. This picture is prevented thanks to the presence of the exhaust system.

Through the integrated exhaust system, used gases have a passage where they can go from the internal combustion engine and out into the open air. The exhaust system is made up of a variety of components and one of them is the exhaust manifold. This part is also sometimes referred to as the header, which serves as a collector of exhaust gases from the various cylinders into a single pipe. In order to facilitate this operation, the manifold is connected to the cylinder head with some openings where the exhaust gas can pass through. Once the exhaust manifold has gathered the gases it goes right into the catalytic converter and out into the muffler. The number of exhaust manifold depends on the number of cylinders housed in the engine. An engine having an inline configuration contains a single exhaust manifold while the V-configuration usually has two.

Having this kind of function makes it imperative for the manifold to be made of durable material usually of cast iron. This tube is smoothly constructed so that there will be a smooth flow of gases. The manifold used in regular is vehicles are simple enough, but those intended to be used for high performance vehicles, contains individual headers which allow improved performance. In order to have an efficient elimination of waste gases your exhaust manifold has to be in great shape at all times. But then even if you practice utmost care, it still accrues damage like cracks and chinks. To be sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your exhaust manifold, it is advisable to let a technician inspect it on a regular basis.

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