Originality and uniqueness are perhaps the main characteristics that separate Mazda vehicles from the rest. When Mazda Motor Corporation started making automobiles in the year 1920, it aimed to be included among the leading car manufacturers that will be admired not just in Japan but also in the US and other parts of the world. True enough, Mazda is currently able to sell out around 800, 000 automobiles, with sales evenly divided in Japan, Europe and North America. For more than eight decades, Mazda was able to receive various recognitions and became popular because of its remarkable models such as the Mazda3, Mazda6, Miata and RX-8 and a lot more.

Like all other vehicle makes, Mazda vehicles are composed of several components that is tasked to work on separate and distinct roles yet when taken as one turns into an amazing creation in the form of an automobile. One essential component is the exhaust system which is composed mainly of the air pump, catalytic converter, cylinder head, EGR valve, exhaust port, muffler, PCV valve, resonator, tailpipe, and exhaust manifold and exhaust manifold gasket. Each of these parts plays a specific function to control the emissions and exhaust from a vehicle. Since the whole combustion process involves the burning of different harmful chemicals from the engine going out of tailpipe, the exhaust system helps in turning the harmful emissions into harmless ones.

Exhaust manifolds such as the Mazda exhaust manifold is the one which is being attached to the cylinder head and combines them by directing each cylinder into one pipe. These exhaust manifolds are usually made of cast iron and sometimes made of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, and have smooth curves in it to enhance the flow of the exhaust. They are bolted to the cylinder head and have entrances for the air that is injected into it and placed under the intake manifold.

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