A vehicle's exhaust system is perhaps the least checked component as compared to other systems and components but little did they know that a good performing exhaust system can actually enhance the running performance of a vehicle by increasing the power output and cleaning the engine from unburned chemicals during combustion by performing another chemical burning process in the catalytic converter and turn the harmful substances into less harmful ones. The exhaust system is composed of different parts to which are the air pump, the catalytic converter, the cylinder head, the EGR valve, the exhaust port, the muffler, the PCV valve, the resonator, the tailpipe, and the exhaust manifold and exhaust manifold gasket.

Exhaust manifolds such as the Honda exhaust manifold is an exhaust manifold component that is attached to the side of an engine's cylinder head and takes each cylinder exhaust and combines them into a single pipe. It directs gases from each of the exhaust ports on the cylinder head to the catalytic converter. Some engines like the V6, V8 and V10 has one exhaust manifold on each side. Exhaust manifold also has smooth curves in it to improve the flow of exhaust emissions. These exhaust manifolds are usually made from cast iron material but there are also steel, stainless steel and aluminum-made. Exhaust manifolds are usually placed under the intake manifold, and is bolted to the cylinder head and has entrances for the air that will be pumped into it.

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