Every vehicle including your Geo vehicle is incorporated with exhaust system. This exhaust system is responsible for taking out the exhaust gases that is being produced by your vehicle engine. Due to the exhaust gases is containing of harmful substance which can affect to our surroundings. Your exhaust system is consisting of several components that help in reducing or preventing these harmful substances from coming on your vehicle while the other component is designed to deaden the sound of that generates by your engine during its combustion process.

One of the most vital parts of your Geo exhaust system is its exhaust manifold. Your Geo exhaust manifold is a certain kind of a pipe that carries out the exhaust gases from your combustion chambers to your exhaust pipe. It has smooth curves in it for improving the flow of the exhaust gases. Your Geo exhaust manifold is locked up on your cylinder head, and has entrances for the air that is injected into it. It is usually located under your intake manifold. In general, some exhaust manifolds may still include a heat riser valve, controlled by a temperature-sensitive spring. This heat riser valve is designed to help divert hot exhaust gas through a separate passage in the intake manifold to aid in better warm-up drivability of your vehicle.

Since it is consider as one of your vehicle performance parts you can have it change, if you want to increase the power and torque of your vehicle. The performance facilitated by a modified exhaust manifold is important to high performance of your vehicle in order to increase speed. Some of the modifications that are being applied to the exhaust manifold include the installation of larger intake vents for your engine, which can help to prevent back pressure, meaning that the cylinders do not have to work as hard to push the exhaust or burnt gases out to your engine system as they do in a conventional or traditional one.

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