One efficient and economical method of boosting the functionality of an automobile is through eliminating backpressure. It is the occurrence where the powerhouse has to operate further, pressing the gases out of your cylinder and into the emission pipes. This emission system is one of the ‘users' of engine power; however, if effectively functioning, particularly your Ford Granada exhaust manifold in scavenging gases out of your engine system, it could avoid backpressure in taking place.

Your exhaust manifold will have the same number of tubes as that of the tanks of your engine. This specific tube is generally dubbed as the ‘collector' due to its function of scavenging the gases from all ports of the manifold. Usually, this particular component is made from durable cast iron or long-lived stainless steel. These days, alternate Ford Granada exhaust manifolds may be made up of different lighter in weight supplies but just as long lasting.

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